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Laurie took her spot on that world-famous red dot (and can help you do it, too.)





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Website Copy for Nutrition Coach

“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” 

That’s what 80% of fitness comes down to. 

You don’t have to Eat Right for Your Type or do Gwyneth’s cleanse — three days in, my family said, “Please stop. It’s terrible.” 

Small consistent lifestyle modifications were the game changer. 


When I finally got my food dialed in, I did happen to lose a bunch of weight, which was nice. I also became really aware of how my body processed food, how I felt when I didn’t eat, and how clearly my body told me when I’d gotten off track. 

And I realized: 

When my food works, my life works. 

Which is one of the reasons I’m passionate about helping people get their food working for them. 

What’s your nutrition mission? 

Let’s define it. And break it into doable actions. How might that look as a lifestyle? 

We’ll do a bang-up job, like we did for these clients…

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