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Business Words

A great user experience starts with a compelling story well-told.

And what we experience, we remember. 

Whether you’re a Founder positioning yourself and your big idea in the public eye, a CEO shaping corporate culture in a company-wide address, or a business leader who needs to win the attention of WFH audiences, we’ve got you.

We’re Hollywood-vetted pros with mad skills and a freewheeling creative process honed within a corporate machine. And 10,000+ hours of creating, addressing notes, and hitting deadlines.


Words Delivered produces a fresh, dynamic result that energizes you and your audience.


Some High Flyers

  • A CEO came to us ahead of their big annual keynote with two major goals: get employees to 10x their output and change the company culture across six continents. A mighty mission! We helped make it accessible to all, and added sparkle that upped engagement.

  • A mayoral candidate tapped us to write stump speeches and, while we can’t claim the tiniest credit for her win, we’re delighted she now runs a city of 60,000.

  • A haircare line needed standout branding so we zhuzh’d that up for them (after an illuminating day at the International Salon & Spa Expo!)


Pitches, Keynotes, Product Launches and Copy

We’re pros at pitch decks; we’ve built and used them to sell our own projects. We love creating a great experience for the viewer and  the person pitching. We’ll bring sizzle to your keynote, product rollout, presentation or tribute. And, boss, if you’re the emcee, we’ve got your A-material. 


Hollywood-Style Writers’ Room 

Want a whole squad that can drop in, get your voice, and deliver? We’ll assemble a TV-style writers’ room that suits your creative mandate and budget. We can deliver on your brief as a unit, or bring our ‘yes, and’ to your team brainstorm. 

We’re all-around players with added specialties that augment yours. 

THE IDEA GENERATOR pumps out concepts like a ball machine launches balls. 

THE PUNCH-UP PRO makes your audience laugh. While delivering stealthy substance. 

THE STORY MACHINE spins scenarios in unexpected ways, taking consumers on an illuminating journey.

THE DRAMA QUEEEN ‘what ifs,’ futurecasts, and envisions doomsday scenarios that give us a jolt, and/or a jump on danger. 

THE CREATIVE PRODUCER melds writing and production into possibility, smoothing the way to execution.


Team Building and Training

Foster fun and bonding with a bespoke escape room adventure, faux game show, personalized pub quiz, or comedy roast. Make training dynamic through interactive role plays and sketches. Laughter amps up memory and recall, and reduces stress. Plus, who needs another PowerPoint? Unless it’s PowerPoint karaoke…

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